Thursday, May 1, 2008

Blue Sky Talent Show 2008

It was a great show! Here's the audio recording in its entirety:

The Players:
Jake Parker (mc and sideshow acts)
Tony Jung (singing, guitar, harmonica)
Joe Bonomo (singing, piano)
Kevin Daly and Jacob Carlson (funny song)
Jamie Williams (guitar and drums)
Ian Etra (plays guitar hero with his feet!)
Rob Cavaleri (drum set)
Dan Shimmyo (electric guitar solo, a.k.a. Eruption, special guest Alex Cuthbert)

bssTalentShow04302008.mp3 - whole show 164MB
bssTalentShow04302008-eruption.mp3 - just eruption 5.3MB

Will post separate tracks later when I get a chance.