Sunday, June 6, 2010

6/3/10 Novax Jam #2

Sorry it's been so long... I'm backed up about 5 jam sessions. This is the 2nd "novax jam" that I've had with Jamie. The first jam will come later, I'm mixing and posting in reverse order... This time I recorded using the stereo microphones on the Edirol field recorder and they got distorted so I apologize for the crappy sound. We're still getting used to the Novax "CH" (Charlie Hunter) guitars which are a bass and a guitar combined into one instrument. Jamie is playing a 7-string and I have the 8-string version.
Azimuth is a name we came up with after imbibing many beers at the beer garden. Not sure if it'll stick but there you go.

azimuth.6.3.10aGimmeAnA.mp3 19:25- Dan:Gtr/bass Jamie:Drums
azimuth.6.3.10bMoreA.mp3 17:06- Dan:Gtr/bass Jamie:Drums
azimuth.6.3.10cChillin.mp3 7:31- Jamie: Gtr/bass Dan: Drums
azimuth.6.3.10dNurbsForever.mp3 10:49- Jamie: Gtr/bass Dan: Drums
azimuth.6.3.10eWhereIsMyChord.mp3 2:01- Jamie: Gtr/bass Dan: Drums
azimuth.6.3.10fGreatCapo.mp3 11:19- Jamie: Gtr/bass Dan: Drums
azimuth.6.3.10g.pain.mp3 15:23- Dan:Gtr/bass Jamie:Drums
azimuth.6.3.10h.knight.mp3 12:07- Jamie: Gtr/bass Dan: Drums