Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fuzz 5.25.12!!!

Finally started mixing new tracks. This jam was productive. I think they gave us an extra half hour for free so we took our time coming up with ideas.  This session took place in our favorite rehearsal studio which has glass sliding doors and glass block window behind the drum kit. All those hard surfaces must create a more resonant environment that seems to inspire better playing, or maybe we just like the way it looks.

Eric's guitar was loud, Jamie's bass was low, drum sticks were flying.

My favorite track is "Eric2Loud" but I haven't listened to them all yet. If you're patient "Patience" pays off in the end. EpicCake has a cool riff at the end and the "TwoMinuteJams" were pretty fun. We attempted to limit each jam to 2 minutes but we probably ended up playing several 6 minute jams.