Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Fuzz Cast 22 - Diddle-eyed Joe & the Infinitude

Well, I'm back at work but I've got a nice jam session from last week before Thanksgiving. We got out early on Wednesday so Eric invited me over for a jam session. It's one of the most creative jams we've ever had. Well, from my point of view it's some of the most creative saxophone playing I've done. I love coming up with cool rhythmic riffs. There's also some cool psychadelic stuff where Eric rerouted my saxophone audio through his effects rig.
  Also, in this episode of Fuzz Cast I talk about home repairs, soundproofind, a cool band I saw called Mamarazzi, and my initial disappointment with the EWI USB. I'll keep working on the EWI and see if I can incorporate it into my workflow.
  The jam is called Diddle-eyed Joe and the Infinitude. A little Quentin Tarantino reference in there, but I thought the name was rhythmically appropriate. Hope you like the jams.
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