Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fuzz Live! 3/18/2010

And we're back with yet another jam session. The main thing that stands out from this jam session is that Jamie and I both attempted to do the dual-wielding guitar/bass combo. My attempts were less successful but still interesting. I haven't had a good chance to listen to all of the tracks but I think I've found a favorite. I recommend checking out fuzz.03.18.10d-experimental.mp3 . I found a new way to play the hihat and jamie's dual-wielding rocks.

fuzz.03.18.10a-groovy.mp3 11:03 d:gtr e:bass j:drums s:gtr
fuzz.03.18.10b-kickass.mp3 14:38 d:gtr e:bass j:drums s:gtr
fuzz.03.18.10c-coolness.mp3 18:27 d:drums e:gtr j:bass s:gtr
fuzz.03.18.10d-experimental.mp3 14:49 d:drums e:gtr j:bass/gtr s:gtr
fuzz.03.18.10e-747.mp3 7:47 d:bass/gtr e:drums j:e-gtr s:gtr
fuzz.03.18.10f-747part2.mp3 7:47 d:bass/gtr e:drums j:e-gtr s:gtr
fuzz.03.18.10g-insane.mp3 16:09 d:s-gtr e:gtr j:drums s:bass

Streaming version of fuzz.03.18.10d-experimental.mp3:

Sunday, April 4, 2010

epic jam (streaming audio test)

This is the last jam from our 3.4.10 sessions. I'm just testing out the service from soundcloud.com . I like to have a play button appear in your browser instead of forcing you to download tracks. Pretty nifty.