Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fuzz Live! @ASW 5.26.2011

Trying something new. Even though I'm backed up with jam sessions as far back as March I'm posting the most recent first (although I lagged behind and this is already 2 jams ago). This week we took longer to get set up because the snare had a big tear in the bottom head and the kick pedal was loose. We got room 2 at Astoria Soundworks which is probably our favorite room. It's so quiet I think it inspired our mellow jams. We managed to play shorter jams which is probably easier on those of you brave enough to listen. I think we played more melodic in general and I like the sound of eric's guitar rig which I had fun playing in Squee, Bumble, and Rumble. I like so many of these jams but I think my favorite is the Charlie Hunter inspired "Frosty". Dark Horizon is moody, Good Times is mellow, Gravy is funky and psychadelic. The others are cool too, not to downplay them, it's hard to find adjectives to describe these jams. Check out the soundcloud widget for streaming goodness.

files on .mac (if they don't playback, right click the links to download):

Dark Horizon 7:07 (e:gtr d:drm j:ch7)
Good Times 5:27 (e:gtr d:drm j:ch7)
This Time We Didn't Forget The Gravy 5:34 (e:gtr d:drm j:ch7)
Surfing 8:08 (e:gtr d:drm j:ch7)
Squee 18:14 (d:gtr j:drm e:ch7)
Bumble 6:12 (d:gtr j:drm e:ch7)
Rumble 6:43 (d:gtr j:drm e:ch7)
Bleeding Out 8:56 (j:gtr e:drm d:ch7)
Milieu 6:46 (e:gtr d:drm j:ch7)
Sneakers 3:34 (e:gtr d:drm j:ch7)
Frosty 4:50 (e:gtr d:drm j:ch7)

soundcloud widget test:

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