Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fuzz Bucket Video - Burped Up! April 27, 2015

Dan Shimmyo - drums
Jamie Williams - Novax CH7

In this jam session, Eric stopped to take a break.  I put down the sax to play drums and Jamie and I just started playing. It began as a bit of a Charlie Hunter rip-off which is pretty tough for me to play but I managed better than usual.  Then I changed the beat because my arms couldn't handle playing at that speed without derailing very soon. I know it doesn't sound that fast but something about that tempo is hard to keep up, especially since I don't practice drums very often. This video picks up right before the tempo change.

So I transitioned to a moderate rock beat which Jamie followed seamlessly with a pretty cool indy groove (indy? My musical lexicon is pretty limited). I suppose it's difficult to hear the bass behind the kit which is one excuse I make for looking so serious and making strange faces.
One thing I've learned from making videos of our jams is how funny we look.  I hope we are conveying the amount of concentration it takes to improvise musical sounding jams without any preparation.

Anyway, here's our latest "fuzz duo" jam warts-and-all which is how we like it!