Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fuzz Bucket Jam 6/17/11

Location: Astoria Soundworks Room 9
Date: 6/17/2011 10PM to 1AM

This time I promised Eric I would mix his guitar in a wide stereo image since he always plays a stereo rig through 2 amps. Tons of fun if you're listening over headphones. Jamie's CH7 is mixed towards the center with the bass slightly left and the guitar slightly right.
For this jam I split up long jams into smaller chunks. I gave up on posting links to mp3 files so now everything is on Soundcloud with a nifty widget. Oh, and if you can't see the widget (like if you're using Safari on the iPhone, then you can use this link: or download the free Soundcloud app and look up "shimster".

Hope you like it.

a Bucket Of Fuzz The Reckoning (e:gtr d:drm j:ch7) - some old ideas hacked together
b Monkey Buzzness (e:gtr d:drm j:ch7)
c Wonky Monkey (e:gtr d:drm j:ch7)
d Ice Bucket (e:gtr d:drm j:ch7)
e Squirrel (d:gtr j:drm e:ch7) -d: having fun with eric's rig.
f Screech : (d:gtr j:drm e:ch7)
g Shit The Bed : (j:gtr e:drm d:ch7)
h STB2 : (j:gtr e:drm d:ch7)
i STB3 : (j:gtr e:drm d:ch7)
j KK : (e:gtr d:drm j:ch7) - trying one of Jamie's original compositions inspired by one of his favorite guitar players
k: Road To Nowhere : (e:gtr d:drm j:ch7) - Rough start (and middle, and end) but I hope to turn this into one of our regular jams. The drumming was tough, I had too many ideas in my head wanting to come out at the same time.

Fuzz Live! @ASW 6.17.2011 by shimster