Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Fuzz Bucket - "Mongoose" 1/29/2016

Behind on my posts...

This jam happened on 1/29/2016, just a couple weeks ago... This time we tried a couple things differently. Eric mounted the gopro on the body of this guitar during his solo overdubs. Pretty cool view. I also selfishly aimed 2 cameras at myself for the sax tracks, one on the mic stand and the other mounted on the bell of the horn. I'm really digging the static mic camera but it's hard to give up the weird sax-mounted camera.

For this jam we recorded drums/novax first and then quickly recorded the overdub take on sax/guitar. My sax playing was heavily influenced by the Sonny Rollins DVD I was watching at work all day.

For some reason in the video edit I chose not to use borders between the split-screen views. Something tells me the borders will be back in the next video.  Overall I'm really happy with the track and video.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Fuzz Bucket - "The Fourth Man" 1/15/16

Another jam video from the 1/15/16 sessions. The unique thing about this jam session is that it started as a sax/drums jam which was followed by sax/Novax CH8 (guitar/bass), where I played both sax tracks and Eric played drums and novax.  So, if you think about it, the entire rhythm section (guitar, bass, and drums) was performed by Eric.

Unfortunately the bass track wasn't recorded so I had to pull the bass out of the room mic.  One cool thing about this video is that I was able to composite Eric playing novax into the same shot where he's playing drums.  Anyway, I hope you like the improvised saxophone harmonies and one-man rhythm section.

Final Cut Pro X 10.2.2 technical problems for anyone who might be interested:

I ran into an interesting issue with FCPX while editing and mixing the audio in another application.  I like to keep all of the footage I'm using consolidated into the FCPX library file so it's basically portable.  But sometimes while I'm still mixing the audio I like to keep the audio mix as a link so that whenever I do a remix it automatically gets updated in fcpx. And when I'm done mixing I just consolidate all of the files into the fcpx library file.
The problem I ran into was when I updated the audio twice in quick succession fcpx froze up for a long enough time that I decided to force-quit the application.  So, what I think happened was that FCPX saw the first update to the audio and started processing the changes.  While FCPX was busy with that, I started a new update and this put FCPX into some kind of endless loop where the spinning beachball cursor kept spinning and spinning.
After hours of experimentation this is how I fixed it. I renamed the audio file that was responsible for this endless loop and then re-opened the fcpx project.  Now the audio file is missing but you get the interface back so you can fix it for real.
The next thing I did, and this is where my memory is a little foggy, I think I used the relink feature to link the audio back to the renamed audio file.  Relinking to a new (or renamed file) was the key because simply restoring the missing file using the same name caused it to go back into the freezing behavior.