Monday, September 22, 2008

Brilliant Jams

So, I've been jamming regularly with Jamie Williams (bass and drums) and Niall Madden (guitar) and during the past 3 weeks we've been coming up with some pretty cool stuff. For some reason the word "brilliant!" has come up a lot during our jams. Could be the beer talking... The image is of my cat sitting on my keyboard while I was trying to update this blog. This is just 3 tracks from our most recent session. The first is one we've been working on and the other two were improvised. I guess Niall wasn't in a singing mood so these are all instrumental.

092108_1004Mogwai.MP3 - I play bass on this. We've been working on this for a few weeks. I think it has a lot of potential.
092108_1006Waltz.MP3 - Just a random jam. Kinda 6/8 waltzy thing. I'm on bass.
092108_1007HorrorJam.MP3 - Another random jam that we loved. I'm on drums. We hope to develop this into a real song and maybe come up with a different part.

Monday, September 1, 2008

New Toy

I got a new bass a couple weeks ago so here's one of our first recordings using it. It's one of our "old" tracks. Me on bass, Jamie on Drums, and Niall on guitar and vocals. We have a lot more but I only had time to edit this one track.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

jam 11

I've been too busy jamming to post recordings so I'm posting it during work. Haha! We've been working on some old material but added a couple new tracks to our repertoire. They are all unnamed so I just made stuff up. This is still with the same setup, jamie on drums and bass, me on bass and drums, and niall on guitar. Since it's just me and jamie switching between bass and drums I only noted my instrument.

bubudiboo - drums
new starter -drums
repeat of above -drums
23 -bass
9s and 8s -bass
startStop -bass
funky -drums

Monday, June 30, 2008

Room 14

Jammed with Jamie and Niall again. This time we got room 14 at Astoria Soundworks. We weren't crazy about the room or the drums or the amps, but we came up with some decent arrangements for 3 of our "songs" Check them out:

"23" - Jamie drums, Niall guitar, Dan Bass
"9" - Jamie drums, Niall guitar, Dan Bass
"funky bass" - Jamie bass, Niall guitar, Dan Drums

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jamming with Jamie and Niall 06/06/08

3 weeks ago Jamie Williams invited me and his friend Niall over to jam. It turned out to be a productive jam so we've made it a weekly thing. We've discovered that we like to experiment with weird syncopated odd time signatures. I'm posting some clips from our 2nd jam. We hope to have enough small clips of music that we can piece together songs some day. One of the nice things about our lineup is that we can switch places when we get bored.

1006a - mellow moody thing - Jamie drums, Niall guitar, Dan bass
1007a - we call this "six" after the time signature - Jamie drums, Niall guitar, Dan bass
1007b - driving alternative groove - Jamie drums, Niall guitar , Dan bass
1010a - jamie's funk - Jamie bass, Niall guitar , Dan drums
1010b - jamie's primus sounding thing - Jamie bass, Niall guitar, Dan drums
1014a - Niall's funk - Jamie guitar, Niall bass, Dan drums
1015a - shimmy's obnoxious drums (mostly 7/8 time) - Jamie bass, Niall guitar, Dan drums
1017d - "nine" - Jamie drums, Niall guitar, Dan bass
1017e - "11" - Jamie drums, Niall guitar, Dan bass
1018a - Ending on a good note - Jamie drums, Niall guitar, Dan bass

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Blue Sky Talent Show 2008

It was a great show! Here's the audio recording in its entirety:

The Players:
Jake Parker (mc and sideshow acts)
Tony Jung (singing, guitar, harmonica)
Joe Bonomo (singing, piano)
Kevin Daly and Jacob Carlson (funny song)
Jamie Williams (guitar and drums)
Ian Etra (plays guitar hero with his feet!)
Rob Cavaleri (drum set)
Dan Shimmyo (electric guitar solo, a.k.a. Eruption, special guest Alex Cuthbert)

bssTalentShow04302008.mp3 - whole show 164MB
bssTalentShow04302008-eruption.mp3 - just eruption 5.3MB

Will post separate tracks later when I get a chance.