Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mount Kisco Jam 1

Jon Townley booked 2 hours at Satellite Sound in Mount Kisco. Jamie Williams joined us for a couple hours of cool jams. I had the opportunity to bring out my guitar and some new pedals (Rat Distortion and Digitech Whammy) and some old ones (Dunlop Crybaby and EHX English Muff'n) for a spin. Anyway, check out these jams:

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Testing a cornford amp

Jack Ham lent me this amp. I had never heard of it so I took it home and tried it out. It has one of the best british tube amp sounds I've ever heard. I was inspired to set up a recording studio in my livingroom just to see how great this amp sounds recorded so I hooked up a mic and plugged in some pedals and recorded myself goofing around. I started playing the rhythm section of a song called Gettin' Better by Tesla on the Mechanical Resonance album, probably because the tone I was getting sounds a lot like theirs. Just for fun, the left guitar track and solo were recorded with the cornford's built-in overdrive and the right channel guitar gets its overdrive sound from my Electro Harmonix English Muff'n pedal. I'm amazed at how transparent the overdrive pedal is with this amp, I almost can't tell the two guitars apart. Anyway, I recorded my bass and programmed some drums using the midi editor in Garage Band. Added some reverb and did some volume tweaking and chugged out this mp3 file. Well, I like the way this amp sounds so I'll probably be owning it soon...