Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Fuzz Cast 22 - Diddle-eyed Joe & the Infinitude

Well, I'm back at work but I've got a nice jam session from last week before Thanksgiving. We got out early on Wednesday so Eric invited me over for a jam session. It's one of the most creative jams we've ever had. Well, from my point of view it's some of the most creative saxophone playing I've done. I love coming up with cool rhythmic riffs. There's also some cool psychadelic stuff where Eric rerouted my saxophone audio through his effects rig.
  Also, in this episode of Fuzz Cast I talk about home repairs, soundproofind, a cool band I saw called Mamarazzi, and my initial disappointment with the EWI USB. I'll keep working on the EWI and see if I can incorporate it into my workflow.
  The jam is called Diddle-eyed Joe and the Infinitude. A little Quentin Tarantino reference in there, but I thought the name was rhythmically appropriate. Hope you like the jams.
  The track is also available on soundcloud here:
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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Fuzz Cast 21 - FFA

This week I'm happy that I can share Undelivered Package which is a scifi short that I did some sound editing on. It's super short but pretty amazing. Check it out on Vimeo here:
I'm also recommending Birdman except it made me feel stupid. I started using iTunes Match which gives me access to my entire music library. Glad I got that working because now I can listen to all the Miles Davis and Bela Fleck I can handle. I'm also glad I found a few Bela tracks that featured Branford Marsalis who is pretty much my favorite saxophone player, especially on Soprano Sax.
The featured track this week is called FFA. It sounded to me like a Free For All because Eric, Jamie, and I were kind of all playing in our own worlds. Anyway, I really dig this jam. You can listen to it on Soundcloud here:

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fuzz Cast 20 - Doot Deet Doot

In this episode of Fuzz Cast I hooked up my bass and a Korg nanoPad. The idea was I was going to try to come up with something musical on the fly, maybe next time. But I did demonstrate that some musical drum parts can be banged out on the tiny korg pads.
I'm also pretty happy to be practicing saxophone at lunch these past couple days. I've been transcribing a song by the Branford Marsalis Quartet called My Ideal. Well, I only started learning the intro which is epic all on its own.
This week's track is called Doot Deet Doot and it's on soundcloud here:
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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fuzz Cast 19 - Chacha Hamas

In this episode of Fuzz Cast I start out playing Powerslave by Iron Maiden. The original plan was to use the spooky opening as a halloween themed intro and then use the rest as background music but the music was so overpowering with it's awesomeness I couldn't stop myself from appreciating it out loud.  I go on to talk about my first Iron Maiden concert. I kinda sorta recommend John Wick even though it was "too much awesome!".  I talk about fixing my roof.
I play a new fuzzbucket track called Chacha Hamas which features me on the trumpet and tenor saxophone. I'm pretty dang proud of the trumpet playing and I also play a super long note on the tenor sax.
Chacha Hamas is also available here:
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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fuzz Cast 18 - Trip Foot Part 2

I talk about integrating dialog with music using ducking and EQ for use in audio for film. I describe in a little too much depth my experience playing with a Structure 3d scanner.  I go off on a tangent about the Brian DePalma film Blow Out which inspired me when I was a child to become an audio engineer, which is just one of my many hobbies. I recommend a movie called In a World. I also give a quick review and demonstration of a trumpet mute that has an audio output so you can hear what you're playing. And finally I talk about a recent Fuzz Bucket jam called Trip Foot Part 2 available on soundcloud here:

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Fuzz Cast 17 - Green Tinted Sixties Mind

In this episode I dig up an ancient tape of a recording experiment from around 1991 or 1992. In this experiment I covered Green Tinted Sixties Mind by Mr. Big. Back in 1991-1992 it was my favorite song. I couldn't get enough of it so I learned to play every single part and recreated it while I was learning to make music on a multitrack recorder.  Based on the sounds I'm hearing I think I was using a Carvin DC200, some old generic bass, a Boss DR660 drum machine, and I'm assuming I was using a Tascam 488 since that's the only 8-track I owned and I don't think I could have achieved this much clarity on a 4-track.
  Please excuse my stuffy nose and the police sirens in the background.

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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fuzz Cast 16 - My First Composition

This is a short but very special episode of Fuzz Cast. I was rummaging around in the closet and found an old cassette tape of the so-called master recordings from the summer of 1991-ish. What you will hear is the first composition I ever wrote. I programmed it in an Ensoniq keyboard and overdubbed some guitar solos over the top of it. I also managed to go off on a tangent about using the VAX terminals at school to learn music recording and buy used gear on an early version of the Internet. There's also a small clip of some embarrassing cover of a Mr. Big song and my latest installment of Trumpet Time.

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fuzz Cast 15 - To The Matrices

The past week we had the Blue Sky Talent Show at work on Thursday night. The couple weeks leading up to it I've been really busy preparing for the talent show, mostly playing trumpet but also organizing practice sessions at work.
In this episode of Fuzz Cast I have a couple movie recommendations, Snowpiercer and Captain America : The Winter Soldier which both coincidentally star the same leading actor.
  Today's music track is a recent Fuzz Bucket (without Jamie). I called it To The Matrices. It features both Eric and me playing two instruments each, Eric on novax (bass and guitar) and me on trumpet and drums.
To The Matrices on soundcloud:
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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fuzz Cast 14 - Epic Jam

Dan digs into the archives to present a jam session which could be considered the bir
th of the idea that became Fuzz Bucket. One of the main ideas of Fuzz Bucket is not onl
y the idea of each of us playing multiple instruments but also trying to play them simu
ltaneously. In this jam session Jamie Williams decides to play guitar and bass simultan
eously. The results were epic, to overuse and already dead word.
Epic Musicians:
Dan Shimmyo - drums
Jamie Williams - bass / guitar
Sheldon Chow - guitar
Eric Maurer - guitar
  The track can be found on soundcloud here:

Other links:

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fuzz Cast 13 - Trump Stump

Host: Dan Shimmyo
  Dan talks about the latest Fuzz Bucket (or fuzz duo) jam session with Eric called Trump Stump on August 29, 2014 in Eric's basement studio. This jam features the trumpet in the intro and a small break in the middle. All the while you will be sonically assault
ed by Eric's guitar and bass lines. Really great stuff. Please check it out!
  The trumpet solos and whatnot are going to have to substitute for the ever popular Tr
umpet Time segment.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fuzz Cast Episode 12 - Krzysztof Fus

Host: Dan Shimmyo
  In this episode I have a chat with Krzysztof Fus who works as a modeler at Blue Sky Studios and also writes jokes and perfoms a standup routine in comedy clubs. We talk about similarities between music and comedy and reaching goals early.  There's also an installment of Trumpet Time where I play a bit of Home Sweet Home, the first musical piece I've learned to play on trumpet.

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Fuzz Cast Episode 11 - Creating a Song in GarageBand

Host: Dan Shimmyo 
  In this episode I tried something different and wanted to show how in the span of about an hour (edited down for the podcast) I was able to create a short piece of music from start to finish. It's pretty barebones with canned drums, a guitar track, bass track and lead guitar track. It gets the point across and can be used to sketch out musical ideas that can be fleshed out later.
  In today's installment of trumpet time I play a chromatic scale which is what I'm going to need to develop my improvisational sty
le, similar to how I taught myself to play saxophone.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Fuzz Cast Episode 10 - Droopy Dog

Host: Dan Shimmyo

  In this episode I talk about Robin Williams's depression which lead to his suicide. It is a dark subject but I think it's important to talk about it. I especially think it's important for people to know that there's a big difference between feeling depressed and suffering from clinical depression. If you don't know the difference please google it.  I'm sure to bring it up again in the future.  Perhaps I'll find a way to link mental health with creativity and musicianship...
  There's another Trumpet Time segment where I play the c-major scale a little faster and cleaner than last time. I think my next installment will be in the form of a simple melody.
  The musical portion of this podcast is a new Fuzz Bucket jam session I called Droopy Dog. It's another jam session based on a simple phrase played on the saxophone and then stretched out into a whole jam. At some point Eric Maurer plays a walking bass line and towards the end I think Jamie plays some rocking drums. Everyone was having fun.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fuzz Cast Episode 9 - The Long Haul

Host: Dan Shimmyo

In this episode I was inspired to record an episode because I was super pissed off about NYC traffic during my commute this evening.  Mainly, I hate how some NYC drivers behave by putting everyone in danger in order to keep you out of their space on the highway.  I also talk about producing jingles and music clips of music that has inspired me over the years using GarageBand software. I also include my first official Trumpet Time segment which was incredibly embarrasing and humiliating but in a hilarious way. It's the only way I'll ever get better!
  And finally, for your listening pleasure I've included a track called The Long Haul by my band Fuzz Bucket. We recorded it on July 10, 2014 at Astoria Soundworks on a 4-track recorder. Pretty sure I blogged about that late night session. It's a pretty cool groove that sounds like it was inspired by old Genesis but with psychadelic haunting sounds straight from another dimension.

random links to stuff:

Still trying to sell these Progressive Art Metal CDs from 1995:
  - use discount code fuzzcast for 95% off of the physical CD!

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fuzz Cast Episode 8 - Heavy Reign CD Fire Sale

Host: Dan Shimmyo

Dan talks about taking his TM Custom Tenor Sax to KB Saxophone Services for some customization, building an LED lighting circuit that responds to sound and external audio inputs, playing trumpet and selling an old CD project for a Progressive Metal band called Heavy Reign.

Heavy Reign CDs are available for purchase at:

use discount code: fuzzcast
for a 95% discount off of the Heavy Reign CD

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Fuzz Cast Episode 7 - Jon Townley

Host: Dan Shimmyo
Guest: Jon Townley

Jon Townley, a development artist at Blue Sky Studios, talks about finding inspiration from his co-workers, taking a ceramics class after a 30 year hiatus and getting serious about it. We explore similarities between his ceramics work and my recent obsession with playing saxophone.  We both discuss what inspired our vibrato techniques. And much much more!

FuzzCast iTunes Link:

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Fuzz Cast Episode 5 - Yachiyo Shimmyo & “Extemporalis”

Host: Dan Shimmyo
Guest: Yachiyo Shimmyo

Dan describes a weekend recording session in the summer of 2000 that turned into a favorite instrumental piece that ended up on a compilation of guitarists named “Dan”. Dan interviews his mother who talks about singing, cooking tempura, and being mistaken for someone half her age.

download extemporalis for free at:
@danshimmyo on twitter

FuzzCast iTunes Link:

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Fuzz Cast Episode 4 - PsySop

Host: Dan Shimmyo

Dan Shimmyo talks about a track called “PsySop” by Fuzz Bucket, recorded at Astoria Soundworks on July 10, 2014 on a 4-track recorder. Dan talks about the importance of a good vibrato and says his first s-word on a podcast.

PsySop is available for streaming on soundcloud:

“PsySop” credits:
Dan Shimmyo: Soprano Saxophone
Eric Maurer: Lead Guitar
Jamie Williams: Novax Ch7 / drums

FuzzCast iTunes Link:

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Fuzz Cast Episode 3 - Sizzle Chest

Host: Dan Shimmyo

Dan Shimmyo talks about a track recorded on 5/22/14 called Sizzle Chest. It was a rare two-person jam with Eric Maurer on the Novax CH8 and Dan Shimmyo on drums.

Intro music - Breakpoint by Fuzz Bucket

FuzzCast iTunes Link:

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Fuzz Cast Episode 002 - Roy Shimmyo

Host: Dan Shimmyo

Guest: Roy Shimmyo

I talk to my brother, Roy, about his band Preach Freedom and Connect, jamming with members of Fuzz Bucket, and how he gets such a crisp bass sound. Roy also talks about many of his influences and recommends a plethora of music tracks.

Intro music - "Zombie Town" (original take) by Fuzz Bucket
Roy is currently playing bass with Preach Freedom & Connect
Like them on Facebook at:

Roy recommends these tunes featuring his favorite influential bass players:
Jaco Pastorius: “Donna Lee” ,“Portrait of Tracy”, and “Come On Come Over”
Jerry Jemmott: “Memphis Soul Stew” by King Curtis
"Family Man" Aston Barrett: “I Shot The Sheriff”, “Stir It Up” by Bob Marley and the Wailers
John Paul Jones : "The Lemon Song" by Led Zeppelin
Flea :  "Stone Cold Bush" or "Love Trilogy" by Red Hot Chili Peppers
John Norwood Fisher : "Bonin' in the Boneyard" by Fishbone
Les Claypool : "Jerry Was A Race Car Driver" by Primus

Music clips:

1)Rubberneck: Jam session with Roy Shimmyo on bass, Eric Maurer on drums, Dan Shimmyo on alto saxophone

Available for streaming on soundcloud here:

2)Twambié Tujué (Tell Us That We May Know) by Preach Freedom & Connect

FuzzCast iTunes Link:

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Fuzz Cast Episode 001 - I Just Made This Up

Host: Dan Shimmyo

Listen to my first attempt to create a podcast. This is actually the first time I've ever sat in front of a mic and recorded myself talking to my computer. The intro music and music throughout the talky part is “Breakpoint” by Fuzz Bucket. The featured music track at the end is called “I Just Made This Up” by Fuzz Bucket.

Fuzz Bucket is:
Dan Shimmyo : Drums / alto saxophone
Eric Maurer : Lead Guitar / Novax CH7
Jamie Williams: Novax CH7 / drums

iTunes Link:

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Fuzz Cast is 3 weeks old!

So it turns out I really enjoy making podcasts even though I'm still not quite sure where it's going. I've been treating it like an audio blog, a way to provide context for recordings (which breathes new life into them and increases my appreciation of them as well), a way to get to know and appreciate people I know by interviewing them, and another way to police myself and make sure that I'm producing content.

As far as content is concerned, a major problem I've had for years was that I would say "I'm working on an album" or "sure, I'll score your film" or "we should really turn that into a fleshed out composition" but I end up doing nothing instead. Making a podcast at least once a week means I need to get off my butt every week and try to come up with material. Even if I'm rehashing old material it is a weekly reminder that I need to press record and talk about music or people or creative projects. Anyway, I think it's working. The part of procrastinating that sucks is when you truly are ready to start working on your project only to realize you need to upgrade your software, clear off your hard drive, buy some microphone adapters at radio shack, or restring a few of your guitars. I've found that by having this podcast I've been maintaining my software and musical instruments more regularly and at any moment I'm ready to hit record and lay down some tracks or a sketch of an idea.

Anyway, I started typing this blog post because I wanted to explain these new generic posts that you will be seeing popping up. I have my podcasting provider set up to post on my behalf every time I release a podcast so that's what's happening. The other thing is, I only figured out that option after the 6th episode which means I'll be re-publishing all of my podcasts out of order so you should be seeing 5 podcast posts coming up later this week.

I also came up with a pretty portable podcast rig for interviews that I'm pretty proud of. I really wanted to use lavalier mics instead of handheld mics or even worse, desktop mics. I just think it seems unnatural for regular people to talk into a microphone. So, I found some cheap but good lavalier mics (corded ones) and I'm using a Zoom H1 which magically provides power to the condenser mics. All I needed was a stereo 3.5mm male to dual mono 3.5mm female audio cable adapter. So now I'll just clip one on me and the other on my guest and hit record. I have the rig here with me at work so I just need to find a guinea pig to help test it out.

Well, that's it for now.
Here's the iTunes link if you are on an Apple device:
Fuzz Cast
Or the libsyn link which is more generic:

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fuzz Cast Episode 6 - Novax CH8 Demo & Crank

Host: Dan Shimmyo

Dan does a quick demonstration of the Novax CH8 hybrid 8-string electric bass and guitar. The musical track this evening is called Crank which is performed by Eric Maurer on the Novax CH8 / percussion and Dan Shimmyo on Alto Saxophone.

For more information about the Novax CH8 go to:

crank is available for streaming on soundcloud here:
@danshimmyo on twitter

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Introducing Fuzz Cast! Launching my very first podcast

So, I decided to record myself talking about my music projects and other stuff. I didn't plan too much, just hit record and talked to my computer for 12 minutes or so.  In this episode I describe what was involved in recording "I just made this up" with my band Fuzz Bucket that I mentioned in my previous post. I'll try to get a co-host for every weekly episode if possible and discuss music, art and creativity, typical blog stuff, just a lot more spontaneous and fun I think.
For IOS folks it might show up on iTunes in the near future...

Also available at iTunes here:

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fuzzbucket jam games

  I've been thinking about starting a podcast to talk about my music projects and jam sessions and then I remembered that's what this blog was for ...  It just so happens that I have some brand new tracks to share.

  This afternoon I finished posting 3 new jams on soundcloud that we recorded on June 12, 2014 in Eric's basement.  That night we were experimenting with a new way to start up a new jam session out of thin air. It was decided that one of us has to play 4 notes or basically a single bar of a melody or rhythm and the rest of us have to fill in the blanks.

  Eric : Guitar | Jamie : Novax CH7 | Dan : Drums
  The first track, entitled "breakpoint" is a clip I pulled from a much longer jam which probably started with this idea but morphed into a sort of head banger metal jam which I happen to like quite a lot.  Well, it's self-indulgent to say the least.  As the drummer on that jam I slowed things down to what I think of as a black sabbath influenced groove. Jamie's bass line sounded pretty badass as well. I wonder if we're turning him into a metal head. Eric was obviously in his element. I think I hear a definite Iommi influence in there during the slower more melodic bits.

I just made this up
  Eric: Novax | Jamie: drums | Dan: sax
  In "I just made this up" I'm on the alto saxophone and it was my turn to start the jam with 4 notes.  I played the first 4 notes that came to mind and we were off and running. I think it was a successful execution of the original plan but it got a little too loose at times in my opinion.  I think my sax playing could benefit from a little more air support but it's all good.  Eric's playing the walking bass on the Novax.  I can't remember if he picked up my Novax CH8 or Jamie's CH7.  And Jamie's drumming kept things glued together. Overall, I think this is an idea worth exploring further if we ever decide to take more than 4 seconds to "compose" a piece.

Jungle Jam
  Eric: Novax | Jamie: drums | Dan: sax
  Jungle Jam was an off the cuff take on the beat from George of the Jungle theme, most likely instigated by me.  Jamie's on the drums and Eric's on the Novax.  At one point I think Eric's guitar sounds like it's talking which I think is pretty interesting.  A fun jam...

  And with that here are the new tracks:

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Best first jam ever!

On March 10, 2014 around 7:30PM Eric, Jamie, and I had a pretty epic jam session. It started out with me and Eric warming up while we waited for Jamie who had been doing business out in Manhattan in the afternoon. I spent the day at Jury duty getting bored out of my mind watching them attempt to select 28 people that didn't have any problems with doing jury duty (everyone has problems with jury duty!). 8 hours of that crap can melt your mind. I assume Eric was writing code all day. But I digress...
  Eric hooked up my Novax CH8 (8-string, fanned fret, electric guitar / bass hybrid) and I sat behind the Traps drumkit and we played for a few minutes.  In retrospect I think the warmup contributed to the awesomeness of the following jam.  I needed the warmup to get used to drumming again, and Eric hooking up the Novax would turn out to be an awesome decision.
  So by the time Jamie showed up we already had a full rhythm section consisting of guitar/bass/drums. Jamie's Ch7 added 2 additional tracks of bass and guitar.
  When you listen to this jam you can hear Jamie's guitar and bass tracks occupying mostly the left side of the stereo field and Eric's bass/guitar/theremin tracks should be mostly on the right. Eric did something interesting and ran the bass side through a RAT distortion pedal which to my ears helps it blend together with his guitar track making a super fat textured sound.
  And finally, to send this track over the top Jamie used his looper pedal to loop his bass and guitar tracks freeing him up to play the drums which allowed me to play saxophone.  He took me by surprise and we clumsily traded places behind the drum kit but I think it just adds to the charm and spontaneity and energy of the piece.
  Well, enough babbling about this. You should listen to it if you haven't already clicked play. Check it out!

Oh, just one more thing. This image below is of a mouthpiece that I have been searching the whole Internet for for a few weeks. It is a vintage Selmer metal soprano saxophone mouthpiece from probably the 1960's.  All I want is something similar. I almost had one but I got cold feet and let myself get outbid on ebay. I ended up getting a cheaper used possibly less vintage model. What makes this mpc so difficult to find is that it has an "F" facing which seems to be rare these days. The ones they sell brand new have an "E" facing. I've also learned to recognize the width of the groove down the side of the mouthpiece. The newer ones have a more narrow groove.  All I know is I played this mouthpiece and decided that I had to have one. Not the most exciting news, well it is to me, but I thought I should post an image with this blog entry so here it is! Optional oohs and aahs...

Thursday, January 9, 2014

2014: Back to the basics

I just discovered that a co-worker of mine who was recently hired has been following my blog for about a year before we had even met. It's really nice to hear from people who follow my ramblings and recordings.  It's encouraging and it has reminded me that I need to update this blog once in a while so why not write the first post of the new year!

I'm getting back to the basics and learning how to read/write and transcribe music to help me build up a repertoire on the saxophone. It's probably going to make be better musician in general which is a plus . For a few weeks I've been playing a soprano sax and I needed to learn a few melodies so I started transcribing my favorite tunes.

The image above is a transcription of the melody part of a song that Jamie, Eric, and I "composed".  Actually the notes were first plucked on the guitar by Jamie Williams. I transcribed the melody for alto and soprano sax since they are E-flat and B-flat instruments respectively. I'm still struggling with rhythm notation but I'm pretty comfortable with the pitches.

If you haven't heard Zombie Town, this is one of the oldest recordings I could find, it might be the first. In this jam I'm playing drums, Jamie's on the Novax, and Eric's on guitar:

My most recent upload is a jam from early December 2013 after a long hiatus. Around that time I think I had been practicing my chromatic scales learning every note of the alto sax and I definitely think it improved my playing.  I still need to go through the hours long jam session to find more clips to post.

Date: 12/03/2013
Location: smashNY
Beverage: Lagunitas Brown Shugga'
Eric Maurer: Novax CH8 - guitar/bass hybrid
Jamie Williams: drums
Dan Shimmyo: alto saxophone

We just played again last night. It was our first jam session with the soprano saxophone. We were having technical problems with the mics but hopefully it came out alright...