Sunday, January 25, 2015

Fuzz Cast 23 - HamHocks And Beans

  After a long hiatus, maybe 6 weeks, I'm in my new home rehearsal room / recording studio. It's the most cozy room in the whole place so I might have to update the rest of the place. It took a lot of work and planning but my music space is done and I can't wait to start producing music in that space. In this episode I played some trumpet to demonstrate how I'm able to hit a much larger range of notes, particularly the high notes. My tone is still too breathy but what really sucks is that the mics were too hot and the trumpet was too loud so the sound quality blows. Sorry about that. Next time I'll back off from the mic.
  I spoke a little about going to an Extreme concert and how awesome of a guitarist Nuno Bettencourt is.  And I bitched about work again.
  This week's musical track is called Hamhocks and Beans. It features me on drums and saxophone and Eric Maurer on the Novax CH8 (guitar/bass) and a mini moog keyboard.  It's an epic 17 minute jam so make sure you're comfortable.
  I hope to have more home-studio recordings to share with the podcast.
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