Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 is just around the corner

Holy shit! I haven't updated my blog since September! I've been pretty busy with music related stuff but I started posting on soundcloud and facebook and then sort of forgot about my blogger page which kind of sucks but I don't think people really visit this page. I don't blame them since I don't really post any real content except for the occasional sound file. It's hard to find time for blogging though. Work keeps me busy, currently supporting 2 movies, straddling 2 departments and writing pipeline tools. Blogging for me has been difficult because it is mainly a visual medium and all I've got is my sound files. Anyway, it hasn't been a total waste of time. I did post quite a few jams on soundcloud including one jam which I thought was particularly good. If you listen to just one jam check this out. We recorded this on Nov 16, 2010:

soundcloud widget:

link to soundcloud:

I'm pretty sure the entire jam was in the "native" configuration of:
Eric: Guitar
Jamie: Novax ch7 (bass and guitar)
Dan(me): Drums

I hope you like it! I have a few days off so I'll try to post another jam this weekend!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Forgotten Jams 7/15/2011

I had uploaded these and then spaced out for a few months. Here are the missing jams. These are only 3 of the jams from that night. I'll post more when I have time. Enjoy!

Fuzz Bucket 7.15.11 by shimster

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fuzz Bucket Jam 6/17/11

Location: Astoria Soundworks Room 9
Date: 6/17/2011 10PM to 1AM

This time I promised Eric I would mix his guitar in a wide stereo image since he always plays a stereo rig through 2 amps. Tons of fun if you're listening over headphones. Jamie's CH7 is mixed towards the center with the bass slightly left and the guitar slightly right.
For this jam I split up long jams into smaller chunks. I gave up on posting links to mp3 files so now everything is on Soundcloud with a nifty widget. Oh, and if you can't see the widget (like if you're using Safari on the iPhone, then you can use this link: or download the free Soundcloud app and look up "shimster".

Hope you like it.

a Bucket Of Fuzz The Reckoning (e:gtr d:drm j:ch7) - some old ideas hacked together
b Monkey Buzzness (e:gtr d:drm j:ch7)
c Wonky Monkey (e:gtr d:drm j:ch7)
d Ice Bucket (e:gtr d:drm j:ch7)
e Squirrel (d:gtr j:drm e:ch7) -d: having fun with eric's rig.
f Screech : (d:gtr j:drm e:ch7)
g Shit The Bed : (j:gtr e:drm d:ch7)
h STB2 : (j:gtr e:drm d:ch7)
i STB3 : (j:gtr e:drm d:ch7)
j KK : (e:gtr d:drm j:ch7) - trying one of Jamie's original compositions inspired by one of his favorite guitar players
k: Road To Nowhere : (e:gtr d:drm j:ch7) - Rough start (and middle, and end) but I hope to turn this into one of our regular jams. The drumming was tough, I had too many ideas in my head wanting to come out at the same time.

Fuzz Live! @ASW 6.17.2011 by shimster

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fuzz Live! @ASW 5.26.2011

Trying something new. Even though I'm backed up with jam sessions as far back as March I'm posting the most recent first (although I lagged behind and this is already 2 jams ago). This week we took longer to get set up because the snare had a big tear in the bottom head and the kick pedal was loose. We got room 2 at Astoria Soundworks which is probably our favorite room. It's so quiet I think it inspired our mellow jams. We managed to play shorter jams which is probably easier on those of you brave enough to listen. I think we played more melodic in general and I like the sound of eric's guitar rig which I had fun playing in Squee, Bumble, and Rumble. I like so many of these jams but I think my favorite is the Charlie Hunter inspired "Frosty". Dark Horizon is moody, Good Times is mellow, Gravy is funky and psychadelic. The others are cool too, not to downplay them, it's hard to find adjectives to describe these jams. Check out the soundcloud widget for streaming goodness.

files on .mac (if they don't playback, right click the links to download):

Dark Horizon 7:07 (e:gtr d:drm j:ch7)
Good Times 5:27 (e:gtr d:drm j:ch7)
This Time We Didn't Forget The Gravy 5:34 (e:gtr d:drm j:ch7)
Surfing 8:08 (e:gtr d:drm j:ch7)
Squee 18:14 (d:gtr j:drm e:ch7)
Bumble 6:12 (d:gtr j:drm e:ch7)
Rumble 6:43 (d:gtr j:drm e:ch7)
Bleeding Out 8:56 (j:gtr e:drm d:ch7)
Milieu 6:46 (e:gtr d:drm j:ch7)
Sneakers 3:34 (e:gtr d:drm j:ch7)
Frosty 4:50 (e:gtr d:drm j:ch7)

soundcloud widget test:

fuzz bucket 5.26.11 by shimster

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

4 Jams!

Fuzz Live! 1.13.11 Night of Neverending Jams

flying 12:49
mammoth 5:13
neverending 20:14
beerMilkshake 24:56
Marker5 9:26

Fuzz Live! 1.27.11 Snowmageddon

thumper 14:39
TheBlob 13:24
KangarooPtII 7:49
Blammo 6:00
effigy 4:32
effigyPtII 14:00
creepyCrawlies 1:35
peepers 8:39

Fuzz Live! 02.09.11 Jamie's Retirin'

warmup 5:16
dundun 8:41
formulaG 5:15
wahtsup 13:51
theGist 1:15
waitUp 6:13
choppingBlock 19:02

Fuzz Live! 2.16.11 Bucket Of Fuzz

ghost 6:30
bucketOfFuzz 12:32
dynamo 8:11
marker5 7:45
rain 12:58
thfbt 10:58
groogrux 11:28

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jan 6, 2011 Jam

I just found these hanging around on my hard drive. Time to get organized...

MF 7:39
MFedit 5:00
enFuego 16:01
coolness 11:19
YMe 18:05
trainingDay 9:04
flunky 13:04
gunk 12:01

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Double Feature Fuzz Jams

Been mixing a lot today. I put 2 jam sessions online. Here goes...

November 18, 2010
drive 7:46
King Kong 10:37
Blood 12:21
Deep Fried 16:28
Lightfoot 8:07
Foo 8:15
Goo 10:06
Herbivore 24:04

December 2, 2010:
Catwoman 14:35
Marker 5 Take 2 11:43
Crunch Time 14:21
Downtime 8:18
Endless Jam 17:21
Flapjack 16:14

Monday, January 24, 2011

J & D Live! 11.11.10 a.k.a. quiet time

Jamie & I figured out how to reduce the noise on our amps and that inspired us to play quietly. I think this resulted in some cool jams.

Jam Session 10/07/2010

Jamie: Novax CH7 / drums
Dan: Novax CH8 / drums
Eric: other

fuzz.10.07.10.a.mp3 d:drums, j:ch7, e:other
fuzz.10.07.10.b.mp3 d:drums, j:ch7, e:other
fuzz.10.07.10.c.mp3 d:drums, j:ch7, e:other
fuzz.10.07.10.d.mp3 d:drums, j:ch7, e:other
fuzz.10.07.10.e.mp3 d:drums, j:ch7, e:other
fuzz.10.07.10.f.mp3 ???
fuzz.10.07.10.g.mp3 d:drums, j:ch7, e:other
fuzz.10.07.10.h.mp3 d:ch8 , j:drums, e:other
fuzz.10.07.10.i.mp3 d:ch8 , j:drums, e:other
fuzz.10.07.10.j.mp3 d:ch8 , j:drums, e:other
fuzz.10.07.10.k.mp3 d:drums, j:ch7, e:other (actually, I think j was playing the ch8 in my whacky tuning)