Saturday, July 31, 2010

Takki House Jam Volume 2

As promised, the last half of our jam session at Nikki's and Tamara's house.
I might eventually be able to decipher who played what when. I'm pretty sure Andre, who we had just met, played guitar on AVJam and maybe the last 3 tracks.
I recorded this jam on my Edirol R-44 field recorder. I just placed it on the window sill and used the onboard stereo mics. Except for a tiny bit of distortion during the loud parts I'm extremely surprised by the sound quality. We set up the drums in one corner of the livingroom and the two guitarist (when there were two) sat on the couches. It was a really casual environment to play in. The only thing missing was a vocal mic which we'll probably remember to bring next time. We didn't exactly have a set list and 90% of the music we played this night was improvised. I had a blast. Can't wait to play at another party like this. Maybe we'll have some more material to try out.

taki.06.19.10.V2a-Intermission.mp3 11:36
taki.06.19.10.V2b-Knightrider.mp3 12:45
taki.06.19.10.V2c-Groove.mp3 14:42
taki.06.19.10.V2d-AVJam.mp3 1:56
taki.06.19.10.V2e-BillyJean.mp3 1:54
taki.06.19.10.V2f-JJ.mp3 3:48
taki.06.19.10.V2g-EasyPeasy.mp3 3:17
taki.06.19.10.V2h-Sunday.mp3 3:04
taki.06.19.10.V2i-Smells.mp3 4:29
taki.06.19.10.V2j-creep.mp3 2:38
taki.06.19.10.V2k-Sunshine.mp3 1:57
taki.06.19.10.V2l-Ocean.mp3 1:10
taki.06.19.10.V2m-BarbecueShuffle.mp3 4:14
taki.06.19.10.V2n-InExcess.mp3 1:57
taki.06.19.10.V2o-Santana.mp3 2:01
taki.06.19.10.V2p-Cocaine.mp3 6:34
taki.06.19.10.V2q-FunkyBasterds.mp3 4:14

Some pics I snapped on my iPhone:

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Takki House BBQ Jam June 19 2010 Vol 1

This was Jamie's and my first attempt to go play live in front of real live people. It was an incredible success thanks to all the players that joined in to make the party memorable. Sean Palmer sat in on the drums for most of the night. The effervescent Alena Wooten also rocked out a few drum beats. Andre Vanegas played some drums and guitar. At some point Dan Barker may have joined in to play drums or something. There was a lot of beer and it's hard to remember who played what. I think someone said Bonno showed up... Anyway, there were too many hours of music to edit so here's what I could do in one night. I'll post the rest later ... enjoy!

taki.06.19.10a-dreamy.mp3 7:43
taki.06.19.10b-chill.mp3 4:03
taki.06.19.10c-shimmysTurn.mp3 10:15
taki.06.19.10d-myApologies.mp3 4:16
taki.06.19.10e-louder.mp3 17:32
taki.06.19.10f-duelingNovaxes.mp3 5:30
taki.06.19.10g-drePlaysPretty.mp3 4:06
taki.06.19.10h-epicBBQ.mp3 8:46