Friday, September 10, 2010

Fuzzimuth Live! 9/5/2010

On Sept 5, 2010 Jamie Williams, Dan Shimmyo, and Eric Maurer had a sweet jam session.

...but seriously, it was probably the best jam Jamie and I ever had playing improvised music on the novax ch7 and ch8 guitars. Eric was itching to play so he came along to provide some haunting leads and cool sound effects.

Jamie on Novax, Eric Guitar, Dan on drums:

1) headFirst 4:06 - J&D playing before Eric was done setting up, spontaneous and awesome!
2) creeper 10:37 - creepy and awesome!
3) onTheRun 10:18 - awesome!
4) epicBBQ 8:48 - oldie with new improved drums and some new chords!
5) goof 1:08 - J&D messing around
6) dogStar 9:31 - more serious now
7) hitOrMiss 8:33 - playing loose now

Dan on Novax CH8, Eric on Guitar, Jamie on Drums:

8) theFormula 18:20 - D testing the new "formula"
9) whatEv 9:58 - waltzy, not sure what this reminds me of but I ripped something off
10) whatTimeIsIt 12:46 - J switching time signatures messing up my playing

Jamie on Novax, Eric Guitar, Dan on drums:

11) shimmyLikeee 11:14 - another updated oldie