Monday, March 15, 2010

Fuzz Live! 3.4.10

This jam session took place in room 13 at Astoria Soundworks. It was a pretty small dead-sounding room. And while we were setting up some kid stops by and asks "Are you guys about to start playing? Good luck! Hehe!" We weren't sure what that meant but we definitely prefer to play in the bigger rooms (A, B or C). Jamie an I brought earplugs this time. I put new strings on my guitar and added a compressor to my pedalboard. I was really happy with my guitar sound this time, both the clean and overdriven sounds (check out track e). In the last jam Jamie plays bass and guitar(left) at the same time Stanley Jordan style.

fuzz.03.04.10a-laserBeam.mp3 13:42 e:gtr j:bass d:drums s:gtr
fuzz.03.04.10b-fartKnocker.mp3 5:30 e:gtr j:bass d:drums s:gtr
fuzz.03.04.10c-buzz.mp3 14:12 e:gtr j:drums d:bass s:gtr
fuzz.03.04.10d-choppinBroccoli.mp3 22:10 e:gtr j:drums d:bass s:gtr
fuzz.03.04.10e-room13.mp3 17:20 e:drums j:bass d:gtr s:gtr
fuzz.03.04.10f-groovin.mp3 15:49 e:gtr j:bass d:drums s:gtr
fuzz.03.04.10g-epic.mp3 28:49 e:gtr j:bass/gtr d:drums s:gtr