Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Fuzz Bucket - "Mongoose" 1/29/2016

Behind on my posts...

This jam happened on 1/29/2016, just a couple weeks ago... This time we tried a couple things differently. Eric mounted the gopro on the body of this guitar during his solo overdubs. Pretty cool view. I also selfishly aimed 2 cameras at myself for the sax tracks, one on the mic stand and the other mounted on the bell of the horn. I'm really digging the static mic camera but it's hard to give up the weird sax-mounted camera.

For this jam we recorded drums/novax first and then quickly recorded the overdub take on sax/guitar. My sax playing was heavily influenced by the Sonny Rollins DVD I was watching at work all day.

For some reason in the video edit I chose not to use borders between the split-screen views. Something tells me the borders will be back in the next video.  Overall I'm really happy with the track and video.

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