Friday, March 4, 2016

Fuzz Bucket - "Los Niños" 2/14/2016

For the latest jam video I got a new camera. It's a 360 degree camera called a VSN Mobil v.360 Sports Action Camera.  I bought the camera because the specifications seemed to be pretty well suited for our jam sessions and one thing I've been trying to figure out is a way to get better coverage of all of the instruments.  With this thing I can get an alternate camera view of each instrument and it also gave us a great shot of Eric playing Novax and guitar in the same shot.

The best thing about the V.360 camera is the price. It's cheaper than a gopro.  But after running some tests, you end up getting what you paid for. Basically, it ends up shooting a lower resolution than any of my gopros.  But one limitation is actually one of the things I like about this camera.  It seems to handle low light in a clever way.  It doesn't have a very fast sensor so low light performance is pretty bad, but instead of shooting extremely noisy footage at a high fps, it reduces the frame rate and shoots longer exposures.  And this produces pretty satisfying video footage.

My favorite feature of this video is the shot of the two Erics playing next to each other.  At first I was disappointed that Eric staged himself so that he would overlap.  This meant a lot more work for me trying to composite the images together.  But I ended up having a blast animating the masks, basically frame-by-frame because the end result was just so cool.  But I did make a mistake by animating the mask for the whole video instead of only dealing with the footage that ended up on screen (which was very little).  I would have saved myself so much time... lesson learned.

It was nice having Eric's kids in the background looking silly and cute.  It's short and sweet and I love the way this came out.

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